Friday, September 17, 2010

Peter Beinhart Makes a Fool of Himself: Calls Anti-Islam Sentiment "Bigotry"

Peter Beinhart is a liberal who writes for the Daily Beast.  His latest screed is that anti-Islam sentiment is "the new McCarthyism."

"McCarthyism" refers to Senator Joe McCarthy of Wisconsin, who in the 1950's sought to discover and oust Communists from the State Department and other agencies of government.  Then, as now, the Democrats supported and protected the seditious among us.  Then, as now, Democrats sought to protect their anti-American allies by sliming those concerned with a very real danger.

Beinhart writes:
With each new attack on a mosque, each new anti-Muslim slur by a prominent politician or pundit, each new poll showing that large swaths of Americans think President Obama is lying about his faith, it becomes clearer that we are in the midst of a national psychosis: the worst spasm of paranoia and bigotry of the post-Cold War age. The interesting question is: Why now?
The "why now" is simple:  more and more people are becoming informed about the nature, practices and history of Islam, and they don't like what they see.

The "why now"  is that more and more people have recognized that "Islam is a religion of peace that has been hijacked by fanatics" is nothing more than a polite fiction.  Islam is not now, nor has it ever been, a religion of peace.  It has always been a religion of perpetual war on all of mankind.

The reason "why now" is because of the extreme violence, treason and sedition that the Islamic faith imparts to its host countries.  It is because Muslims, by and large, want to replace our democratic system with a barbaric form of governance known as "Sharia" law, a legal system invented by a violent, illiterate Bedouin in the 7th century.  I won't go into the details of it, but believe me, you don't want it.

The "why now" is because the "religion" of Islam isn't just a religion (and this is so basic that I must refer to Beinhart as a gross ignoramus); it is a barbaric, totalitarian political system.

As such, Islam puts both our freedoms and our safety at risk.  9/11 was a dramatic introduction to the aggressive violence of Islam, where 3,000 Americans were murdered for Islamic religious reasons.   Essentially, those victims were human sacrifices to this murderous "religion." That atrocity, and others that have followed, make it clear that Islam is a dangerous and lethal ideology.  Indeed, if Islam were a man instead of a religion, that man would be a homicidal maniac.  Since 9/11 Muslims have carried out crimes against humanity in London, Madrid, Beslan and Mumbai, as well as various other places across the globe.

In the United States we have seen numerous honor killings, "sudden jihad syndrome" where some disgruntled Muslim decides to start killing "infidels."  A Muslim murdered a complete stranger at Los Angeles Airport, who was waiting at the ticket counter for Israeli Airlines.  Muslims murdered an army recruiter in Oregon and a Jewish woman in Seattle. A Muslim U.S. Army Major shot and killed 13 people at Fort Hood, most of them soldiers. A Muslim college student rented a car and tried run over non-Muslim students on his college campus. A Muslim soldier fragged and killed his lieutenant while his unit was preparing to deploy to Iraq.  Even the Beltway Sniper, who killed 10 complete strangers, was a Muslim convert who claimed he killed for Allah.

Then there were the various plots to launch terrorist attacks that were broken up by the FBI.  It is clear that Islam is not our friend.  Mass murder has been a longtime Islamic tradition and its documented history backs me up.

Other barbaric Islamic practices include the veil for women, second class status for women and non-Muslims, beating of wives, child brides and polygamy.  I don't want this hateful ideology to take root in America.  I want it gone.  Islam is incompatible with democracy, pluralism, tolerance and modernity.

Beinhart is the typical dense liberal, unable to differentiate between that which is good and that which is evil.  So for Beinhart, Islam is just another religion, like Mormonism, Buddhism or Catholicism.  Communism is just another political party like Republicans and Democrats.  No doubt, for Beinhart and his ilk, cannibalism is just another dietary choice, like vegetarianism.

It isn't Islamophobia, Peter, when they really are trying to kill you.  Get a clue.

Update:  London Police break up a Muslim plot to assassinate the Pope.  Yep, must be some more of that "spasm of paranoia and bigotry" hey, Peter?

Update:  Raymond Ibrahim of Pajamas Media describes how Muslims in America are Muslims first and Americans second.  See his essay, "The Specter of Muslim Disloyalty in America."


Old Rebel said...

This is standard politically correct propaganda: If you oppose same-sex "marriage," you're homophobic; if you oppose open borders and amnesty, you're xenophobic; argue against affirmative action, and you're racist.

Bottom line: If you resist the ruling elite's reconstruction of this country, you're mentally ill, suffering from irrational fears and hatreds.

The Soviet Union routinely put dissidents into insane asylums. Anyone who didn't enthusiastically support the most rational, egalitarian government in the world had to be crazy.

Plus ca change....

Stogie said...

OR, your point about the Soviet Union putting dissidents into insane asylums is highly analogous to the PC oppression we suffer today.

They can't actually have us committed, but they do like to go on about how crazy we are.

Those who seek self-preservation in the face of a determined enemy are not crazy, not by a long shot.

Stogie said...

Response to Anonymous: Thanks for the tip.