Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dhimmi Dimwits: Are You Enforcing Sharia Law in the United States?

Cartoon Hat Tip:  Sultan Knish
There are a lot of Dhimmi Dimwits who have appointed themselves Enforcers of Sharia Law.  Those who condemn protests of Islam and all of its attendant, gory violence, fall into this category.

Turn on the news and hear any newscaster discussing the spate of recent Koran burnings.  The newscaster will be speaking in his "Oh-ain't-it-awful" voice, as if he or she can barely suppress his outrage.  They will proudly intone that their station REFUSES to show any Koran burnings on camera, as if their high-mindedness was a badge of honor.  Actually, it's a badge of cowardice, indicating they are terrified of being killed by Muslim Jihadis for showing it.

The Dhimmitude associated with Islamization has already begun in the United States.  Meanwhile, we have media types, politicians, priests and even conservative bloggers running interference for Islam.

They may not know it, but they have become similar to the Jewish Kapos of the concentration camps:   they identify with the enemy and enforce his rules against the others, in the hope of being spared the gas chambers.

That analogy isn't completely accurate in the here and now.  Our modern Kapos aren't afraid of the gas chamber; they may be somewhat afraid of being targeted by violent Muslims, but there are greater reasons for their attitudes.   Our modern Dhimmi Enforcers of Sharia constantly defend Islam for these reasons:
  1. They are ignorant of the nature, history, teachings and practices of Islam, i.e. that the religion is violent and totalitarian with a desire to rule the world.
  2. They are hoping to escape the usual smears of the Democratic Party, e.g., that they are "racists" for opposing tyranny, or bigots for opposing "just another" religion, no matter how violent.
  3. They are looking for public approval and admiration for being broad-minded, tolerant and enlightened (i.e., moral posturing).
  4. They believe such demonstrations are necessary to get their candidates elected.
So the next time you criticize someone for criticizing or protesting Islam, think.  Do you really want to be the Saudi Religious Police in America?  An enforcer of Sharia law in the United States?  Because that is what you are actually doing.


Old Rebel said...

Speaking of promoting Islam:


Stogie said...

OR, ain't it great, now Americans who criticize Islam can fear for their lives, just like in Holland!

Let's kick them out.