Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Church Plans to Burn Copies of "Mein Kampf": Neo-Nazis March in Outrage; White House Condemns the Burning

Light a Candle in the Dark...
No Candles?  A Quran Will Do Nicely
Oh wait a minute, I got that a little bit wrong.  A church plans to burn copies of the unholy Quran and Islam-appeasers are outraged.

If I can find a cheap copy of the Quran, I will burn it on September 11, in solidarity with the Florida church and its pastor.  Oh how terrible!  Stogie wants to burn books!  Didn't the Nazis do that?

Grow up.  Nazis burned books by prominent Jews.  They hated Jews.  Muslims hate Jews.  The Quran is a handbook for hatred and terrorism, a fitting offering to the purifying flames of a hot fire.  If you would have no problem burning "Mein Kampf," "The Turner Diaries" or the Communist Manifesto, why not the Quran?

It's time to stop the wimpy attitude that we must win the hearts and minds of barbarians.  We cannot and will not do that...nor should we want to.  Wars in the Middle East are a fool's errand unless the goal is to eliminate Islam and replace it with something more civilized, tolerant and peaceful.

Lacking that, democracy in those regions will be replaced by Sharia law the moment we remove the last troops.  If in World War II our goal was merely to remove the violent Nazis and leave a more democratic fascism in place, what good would that have accomplished?  The new regime would still be anti-semitic and warlike, and it would be a matter of time before the ideology would return to its violent, totalitarian nature.

The massive state of denial among Americans, our military leaders and our government, is that Islam is NOT the enemy.  ISLAM IS THE ENEMY.  Islam is the reason 2,996 Americans died on 9/11; Islam is the reason why Americans are dying daily in the Middle East.  Everything we hate about the Middle East, the constant violence, religious fanaticism, terrorism, poverty and oppression, all are a result of Islam.  Remove Islam and the region will bloom, like Israel has.

We should not seek accommodation with Islam; we should seek its ultimate destruction.  The world has suffered in its presence for fourteen centuries, and that is quite long enough.

Prior Post, July 2008:  I recommended burning Qurans two years ago.  Read my post to examine my reasoning.

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